Best Paid traffic Bot software

Best Paid traffic Bot software

What Is Awesome Traffic Bot ( ATB )?

ATB is 2019’s newest traffic Bot that you can send thousands of pure and completely human IPs for your keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing. You can send traffic directly to your webpages as well. ATB has 2 big differences compared to other applications. the first, it “doesn’t” use Proxy or VPN that easily can be recognized by Google’s algorithm, ATB uses your ISP for changing IP!! it means IPs are completely organic & pure and unlimited. This procedure for changing IP is developed for the first time by us!

And the second difference, ATB doesn’t use “refer” method for making search engines visitors that they are useful just in analytics and there is no benefit at all! ATB really searches on the search engines ( Google, Bing, Yahoo) like a human, scroll the results, find your website in the results then click on it and after entering to your site, ATB does human actions like scrolling and visiting other webpages of your website, so everything completely corresponds with google algorithm and you will see the result of ATB on your site’s SEO! Also with our suggested settings you will get an appropriate bounce rate for your traffic.

We provide an additional feature that you can send IP directly to your website, without using the search engines, as well.

Do note: You must connect to the internet by LAN cable and a broadband connection also your modem should be in the bridge mode for using this robot. ( you can change the mode of your modem, easily. if you’re not familiar with these settings, we will help you in this way, no worries! ) – Orange routers are Unsupported

How Does ATB work?

ATB uses your ISP ( internet provider ) for changing IP, so all of the IPs are completely organic & pure & different! ATB doesn’t use VPN or Proxy! ( That’s why we say ATB’s IP changing method is unique! ). IPs are from the country which you’re located so you are just able to get a visitor from your country, it’s because of your ISP.

Can ATB work in 24/7?

Yes! ATB can work in every day and every hour!

Is ATB useful for SEO?

Sure yes! Basically, ATB is developed for keyword SEO. ATB has a Pure IP generating procedure, a unique algorithm for doing human actions and different user-agents, therefore by using these awesome features, ATB helps in your SEO.

What do we mean that ATB doesn’t use referrer method in sending traffic? ( technical explanation )

We saw some software that they say their robot make the visitor from Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, etc for your website. But there is the point that they use the “Referrer” method when their robot wants to send a request to your website’s server. they just import the origin website URL ( such as ) in the “Header > Referrer” of the requests then your analytic and statistic plugins show that visitor came from google or etc. it looks fantastic but it is just deceiving yourself and analytic tools Because this way doesn’t make any benefits for your website’s SEO at all! What about ATB?! ATB really searches on search engines (Google, yahoo, bing) with different user-agents ( desktop& mobile) and finds your website on search engines’ result page then Clicks on your website, and enters into your website and it does human action like scrolling and surfing your websites’ webpages.

Do Google analytics and Google webmaster’s search console count the visitors?

Sure Yes! As ATB’s traffic sending procedure that we mention above, all visitors are counted in Google analytics and webmaster search console! We run the software for 25 visitors test in the demo: 

Awesome traffic Bot software free download nulled


Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 3 -New procedure  has been used in ATB for changing and generating an IP ( not using VPN or Proxies )

\-IPs have different user-agent ( With a different operating system, resolution, browser ) !! you can choose the operating system

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 4 -Send traffic/visitor to your website by search engines ( Google, Yahoo, Bing )

\ -Send traffic/visitor to your website directly without using search engines option

\ -ATB clears cache after searching on the search engines automatically

\ -ATB recognizes the situation of the search page, and if Recaptcha needs, software going to send Bing visitor, until Recaptcha be unneeded, so the software won’t waste your time

\ -You can define keywords for sending visitors with no limitation

\ -Import keywords From .Txt File

Awesome Traffic Bot - Without using VPN & Proxy - 5 -Doing human actions on website (like Scrolling, visiting other webpages of your website )

\Appropriate Bounce rate algorithm ( for getting the settings of great bounce rate, contact us )

\ -Only 1 IP simultaneously can be sent ( due to our specified IP changing method )

\ -Google adsense risk free ( even IPs are counted as impressions! )

\ - Specified for keywods’ SEO

\ -Define time limitation to IP for  browsing your website and delaying on your website

\ -Define the number of IP that you want to send to your site or you can choose unlimitedly option

\ -The accurate report for counting sent IPs

\ -In-application help and step-by-step instruction pdf file

\ -24/7 Technical Support and SEO consultation

\ -You can see ATB’s work lively (searching, browsing the website,..).

* Please note that ATB is a helper software in your sites’ keyword SEO, and it’s not an only way for improving!

* You can use ATB only on 3 systems with a license that you bought.


If you’re not OK with this traffic generation method and looking for another unique method, you can send us a message through the ways which is written below. We can give you more fantastic suggestions! Also, if you didn’t find your wished feature here, easily you can send a message to us!


1. Net Framework 4.5.2 or upper
2. LAN cable and the internet which you connected to it by bridge mode and a PPPoE (broadband) connection ( we taught you how to do these settings in the instruction. no worries! ) – Orange routers are Unsupported – Dynamic IP needed
2. Windows 7, 8.1, 10 / Windows server unsupported
3. 1024MB RAM or upper. ( Recommended +4GB)
4. 1Core – 2000 MgHz CPU or upper

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